Chapter 6: Dialing Plan On-Net Dialing
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 81
at that particular site, so if the site is an existing one, they will see their phone
numbers converted to the new prefix.
System extensions are not associated with a hard port in the system. They are
always global and will have a user number and a null extension prefix.
Therefore, these system extensions are not affected by changes made to the
extension prefix in the Edit Dialing Plan window. Only dialed numbers (user
extensions, menus, workgroups, distribution lists) are affected by changes to
the extension prefix.
Step 7 Click the Save button to store your changes. Adding Sites
You can add the sites via ShoreWare Director before configuring your dialing plan (or
alternatively, you can configure your dialing plan and then add sites at a later time). To add
a site via Director, follow the procedure below:
Step 1 Launch ShoreWare Director and enter the user ID and password.
Step 2 Click on the Administration link to expand the list (if it has not already been
Step 3 Click on the Sites link.
Step 4 Click on the Add a new site in drop-down menu and select the country where
the site will be added.
Step 5 Click the Go link to display a window similar to the one shown below:
Step 6 Enter the name of the site, along with all other relevant information, in the
appropriate fields. (Refer to the “ShoreTel Sites” chapter in the ShoreTel
Administration Guide for additional information on con-figuring this window.)
The Extension Prefix field will not appear in this window until after you have
modified the Dialing Plan window (which is our next task).
Step 7 Click Save to store your changes.
Step 8 Repeat this process to add any other sites that you would like to include in the
dialing plan.
Figure 6-10 Add a new site
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