EN – User guide
You have bought a wall mount for a flat panel display up to 75kg.
For mounting on concrete and wooden walls, please use the included
screws and plugs. For mounting on other type of walls, please use
intended screws and plug´s (not included).
Please follow the step by step guide on how to mount your flat panel
display together with the wall mount on the wall.
Measure and mark four holes in the upper part of the wall plate
and two holes in the lower part.
Use appropriate tools and fix the wall plate to the wall.
Choose the appropriate screws, washers and spacers (if needed)
that fits your flat panel display´s wall mounting holes. Fix the two
mounting brackets to your flat panel display.
Mount the flat panel display with the attached brackets to the
wall mount’s front plate. Start by hanging the second hooks from
the top on the top edge of the wall plate. Make sure that it
is hanging safely.
Then gently pull the two straps to release the safety hatches that
shall lock to the lower part of the wall plate. Make sure they
lock properly.
Use the velcro locks to hide the release straps behind the TV.
If you experience any problem installing or using this product, don’t
hesitate to contact us. We appreciate it if you have the information
regarding your computer environment at hand; Operating system version
and the item number of your Deltaco product.
Contact us by email: help@deltaco.eu.
More product and support information can be found at www.deltaco.eu.
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