EN – User Manual
Before you Start
This Bluetooth speaker will need to charge first
before you can use it. Connect the supplied USB
cable to your computer and then to your speaker.
The indicator light will turn red while the speaker
charges and will turn off when the battery is fully
charged. Charging times can last up to 4 hours
but you can use your speaker while it charges.
Bluetooth Connection
Ensure the speaker is turned on using the
switch on its side. A sound will emit from
the speaker at the same time the indicator
light will blink blue.
Using the connection settings on your
smartphone, tablet, or computer that
you wish to connect your speaker to,
search for Bluetooth devices.
When the speaker appears on your menu,
select it. No activation code is required.
When the connection is ready the speaker
will emit a short beep.
Please Note: The speaker will turn itself off after
5 minutes when it is not connected. You must
reconnect your smartphone, tablet, or computer
every time the speaker is turned on.
Handsfree Function
There is an answer button and two knobs for
volume control on the side of your speaker.
Hold down the V- button to lower the volume
and V+ to raise it. When you have reached
the maximum volume the speaker will emit a
short beep.
The speaker also beeps when you receive a phone
call. Answer by pressing the answer button and
by talking into the built-in microphone. When
the phone call is over, press the answer button
again to hang up.
Connecting via Cable
On the backside of the speaker is an audio input
marked AUX used for connecting to a computer
or other device. Insert the supplied 3.5mm audio
jack to the audio output on your computer or
other device and the other end of the cable to
your speakers audio input. The speaker will work
automatically without further installation.
Please Note: When you plug in an audio cable to
your speaker, the Bluetooth will turn off.
Please Note: The handsfree buttons have no
function on your computer or device when
connected via cable.
Thank you for choosing DELTACO. We hope you
enjoy your product.
Please contact us if you have any problems with
the use or installation of your product.
We appreciate you being prepared to provide
us with some basic information such as your
operating system and the item number so that
we may better help you.
Contact us by e-mail: help@deltaco.eu.
More product and support information can be
found at www.deltaco.eu.
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