TV Operation
Switch the TV between on and standby mode.
Mute and restore your TV sound.
0~9 
Enter multiple program channel number , such as 2-1.
Return to previous viewing channel.
P.MODE Select picture mode: Dynamic/Movie/Natural/User/Standard.
S.MODE Select sound mode: Standard/Music/Movie/User.
MTS Switch among different audio channels: STEREO/MONO/SAP.
SLEEP 
SOURCE Select among the different input signal sources: TV/AV/Component/
INFO Display the present screen information such as the current channel
and input source.
CH+/- Select a channel.
VOL+/- Adjust the volume.
FREEZE Freeze the picture.
CH.LIST Display program list.
AUTO 
ASPECT Select the aspect ratio settings:Normal/Wide/Zoom/Cinema.
Allows you to navigate the OSD menus and adjust the system settings
to your preference.
OK 
MENU 
EXIT 
ADD/ERASE Add or delete Favorite channels.
FAV Display the favorite channel list.
USB Access into the USB directly.
CC Closed Caption selection: Off/On/CC on Mute.
V-CHIP Set up parental control.
USB Operation
Press to pause or resume the playback.
Press to stop the playback and clear the existing memory.
/ Press to skip between chapters.
/ Press to adjust the playback speed.
REPEAT Press repeatedly to select the repeat mode.
Remote Control
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