Before contacting the service technician, perform the following simple checks. If
any problem still persists, unplug the LED TV and call for assistance.
No sound and picture
 Check that the main plug has been connected to a
wall outlet.
 Check that you have pressed the POWER on the
front of the TV set.
 Check the picture contrast and the brightness
Red LED indicator lights  Set in standby mode. Press either the Power button
or the Standby button on the remote control.
Normal picture but no sound
 Check the volume.
 Sound muted? Press the MUTE button.
 Try another channel, the problem may be with the
 Are the audio cables installed properly?
The remote control does not
 Check to see if there are any objects between the
TV and remote control causing obstruction.
 
 Correct remote operating mode set: TV, VCR, etc?
 Install new batteries.
Power suddenly turns off
 Is the sleep timer set?
 Check the power connection, power may be
 No broadcast on the station tuned.
Picture appears slowly after
switching on
 This is normal, the image is muted during the product
start up process. Please contact a service provider if
the picture has not appeared after 5 minutes.
Poor color or picture
 Adjust the color in Menu option.
 
the VCR.
 Try another channel, the problem may be with the
 Are the VIDEO cables installed properly?
 Activate any function to restore the brightness of the
Horizontal/vertical bars or
picture shaking
 Check for local interference, such as an electrical
appliance or power tool.
Blue screen  Press the SOURCE button to select correct source.
Poor reception on
some channels
 Station or cable experiencing problems. Tune to
another station.
 Station signal is weak, reorient antenna for better
 Ckeck for sources of possible interference.
Lines or streaks in pictures  Check the antenna (change the direction of the
No output from one of the
speakers  Adjust balance in the Menu option.
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