MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Read this chapter first!)
Thank you very much for purchasing the Fostex MR-8HD digital multitracker.
The MR-8HD is a digital multitracker which can record 8-track audio at 44.1 kHz/16 bits on the
internal 3.5-inch hard disk. Up to four tracks can be recorded simultaneously.
The MR-8HD is also equipped with an 8-channel digital mixer, digital effects including the de-
lay/reverb, mastering effects and insert effects (simulation effects). It allows you to carry out all
the process for digital multitrack recording including overdubbing, track bouncing and mixdown
within the digital domain, ensuring no loss of sound quality.
You can record high quality audio to the
built-in high performance 3.5-inch hard
disk drive (40MB).
You can also edit recorded audio later
without sound deterioration.
Up to 99 songs can be recorded.
Provides four analog input channels and
up to four tracks can be recorded
Signals of four input channels ([INPUT A]
through [INPUT D]) can be mixed to the
stereo buss (Pre mastering effects).
You can bounce all eight tracks to a new
song, which is automatically created in the
bouncing process.
An ASP digital effect processor (delay/
reverb) with the algorithm newly
developed by Fostex is built in, allowing
effect processing to tracks 1 through 4
during track bouncing.
In addition, the MR-8HD also provides
insert effects for microphone and
amplifier simulation for coloring sounds.
The dedicated mastering effects are built
in for the stereo buss, allowing you to
process sounds during track bouncing or
final mixdown.
The adoption of self-illuminated keys
allows intuitive operation.
Phantom power is built in, allowing direct
connection of condenser microphones.
The rhythm guide function is provided.
You can make global time signature/tempo
setting for a simple song or create a
conductor map for a more complicate song,
and output the guide click.
Song data (on mono WAV files on tracks 7
and 8) mastered by the MR-8HD can be
converted to a stereo WAV file easily.
You can export the converted file to a
personal computer and create an audio CD
using the CD burn function of the PC.
The [DIGITAL OUT] port outputs S/PDIF
format digital signals. You can make
mixdown or digital copy to an external DAT
or MD recorder.
The whole or a part of track data can be
edited (i.e. copied, pasted, moved,
exported, exchanged and erased).
The [MIDI OUT] port is provided.
You can synchronize the MR-8HD with
external MIDI devices (MIDI sequencer, etc.)
using MTC or MIDI clock.
MR-8HD main features
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