MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Read this chapter first!)
About power supply
Be sure to connect the MR-8HD to the power
supply specified in the specifications section
of this owner's manual. Do not use an AC
outlet of any other voltage.
Do not connect the MR-8HD to the same AC
outlet to which devices that could generate
noise (such as a large motor or dimmer), or
the devices that consume a large amount of
power (such as an air conditioning system or
large electric heater) are connected.
If you use the MR-8HD in an area with a
different power voltage, first consult your
dealer or the nearest Fostex service station.
The [POWER] switch cannot turn off the
power completely. When this switch is "up",
the MR-8HD enters standby mode (i.e. the
power does not completely turned off).
Therefore, if you do not use the MR-8HD for
a long time, we recommend unplugging the
power cord from the AC outlet.
It is very dangerous to use a power cord that
is frayed or damage. In such a case, stop
using the MR-8HD immediately and ask your
dealer to repair the cord.
<Important! >
Model name, power requirement, serial
number and other information for the
MR-8HD are shown at the bottom of the
Precautions upon installing the MR-8HD
Do not install the MR-8HD in locations
subject to the following:
* Extremely high or low temperature, or
significant changes in temperature.
* Excessive humidity or dust.
* Excessive changes in power supply
* Unstable or significantly vibrating or
shaking surfaces.
* Near a strong magnetic field (such as a
TV or speaker).
Notes on repair
The MR-8HD does not use any parts that user
can repair easily. Contact your dealer or the
nearest Fostex service station to ask about
Use the original packing carton of the
MR-8HD when you transport or send the
MR-8HD to the dealer or Fostex service
station for repair.
If you have discarded the packing carton,
pack the MR-8HD using shock absorbing
materials. Fostex is not responsible for
malfunction or damage due to incomplete
packaging or caused during transportation.
Because the MR-8HD is a consumer product,
Fostex does not offer on-site service or
provide a loaner unit while your MR-8HD is
under repair.
About copyrights
It is prohibited by law to use any part of a CD
recording or video images or audio data for
which copyright is possessed by a third party
for commercial purposes such as contents,
broadcasts, sales, or distribution-any purpose
other than for your personal pleasure.
About damages
Fostex is not responsible for any "direct
damage" or "indirect damage" caused by
using the MR-8HD.
Notes on audio interruption
If you make recording or editing to a song
many times, audio may be occasionally
interrupted when the song is played back,
due to data fragmentation. Note that this is
not a malfunction.
Note on USB connection with Mac OS
Before you connect the MR-8HD to a
Macintosh computer, make sure that the OS
is Mac OS X or higher. The MR-8HD supports
only Mac OS X or higher. If you connect the
MR-8HD to a Macintosh computer with Mac
OS lower than "OS X", song data on the
MR-8HD may be damaged.
100 - 230V ~
14W 60Hz
Precautions before using
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