MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Read this chapter first!)
About song
To understand songs, imagine separated rooms as shown below. Each room can be regarded as
a song. With the MR-8HD, you can create up to 99 rooms (songs) on the hard disk (although the
available space may limit the number of songs).
Recorded track data is stored in a song as mono WAV
files, as shown below.
Each song is independent on a disk and you can record, play back or edit a song without affect-
ing other songs.
You can give a desired song name for managing recorded songs (see page 99).
Recorded track data is stored in a song as mono WAV files.
The MR-8HD can convert the two WAV files recorded on tracks 7 and 8 (L and R) to a stereo WAV
file (see page 90).
You can export the converted stereo WAV file to your USB-connected personal computer, and
use the file by a music software application or make an original audio CD using a CD burn
software application (see page 92).
Track 1 Track 2 Track 8
Remain (recordable space left on the disk)
"Remain" shows how much time you can further record audio data to the available space left on
the internal hard disk.
As described earlier, the MR-8HD stripes ABS time from 0m00s000ms to 99m59s999ms at maxi-
mum for each song. However, the remaining time (= available recording time left) depends on
the available space on the hard disk in actual use. The remaining time is shown as in the screen
example below during recording or record standby. Note that it shows the remaining time for
recording onto a mono track.
A "mono" track means a single track. Therefore, you can calculate the remaining time for record-
ing to more than one track by dividing the displayed time by the number of tracks. Note that the
remaining time shown on the screen is an approximate time.
Remain value
WAV files
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