MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Troubleshooting)
<Trouble 8>
I cannot execute auto punch in/out.
Is " " shown on the screen?
If it is not, press the [AUTO PUNCH] key to make
the auto punch in/out function active.
Are the punch-in and punch-out points set
To check each point, press the [LOCATE A/IN] or
[LOCATE B/OUT] key. The recorder locates to the
punch-in or punch-out point, while the screen shows
the appropriate time data.
If the punch-out point is earlier than the punch-in
point, set these points appropriately so that the
punch-in point is earlier than the punch-out point.
<Trouble 1>
During playback, the recorder suddenly executes locat-
Is " " or " " shown on the
If so, the play mode is set to the auto return or loop
Press the [PLAY MODE] key until "Off" is selected.
<Trouble 2>
Cannot monitor the playback sound.
Are the track fader(s) for the playback
track(s) and the [MASTER] fader brought up
to the appropriate positions?
Raise the fader(s) for the track(s) you want to
monitor, as well as the [MASTER] fader.
If you monitor via headphones, also raise the
[PHONES VOL] control.
<Trouble 9>
I cannot record audio data of a song onto an external
digital recorder.
Is the connection between the
[DIGITAL OUT] connector on the MR-8HD
and the optical input connector of the
digital recorder made correctly?
Check the connection, as well as the optical cable.
Is the digital recorder set correctly for
recording the signal fed to the digital input?
See the manual of the digital recorder for details
about the setting.
<Trouble 3>
I press the [PLAY] key while holding down the [STOP]
key, but I cannot execute loop playback.
Are the LOCATE A and LOCATE B points
set correctly?
By default, both of these points are set to the
beginning of a song (i.e. "0m00s000ms" or "-2bar
1ÅÙ 00clk"). In this condition, you cannot execute
loop playback.
Also, if the LOCATE B point is earlier than the
LOCATE A point, you cannot execute loop playback.
Troubles for playback
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