MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Read this chapter first!)
Time base
Input monitor and repro monitor
The term, "time base", is used as the reference of recorder position information.
Using the [TIME BASE SELECT] key, you can select from among two time base modes: ABS time
and bar/beat mode. Each screen example below shows the recorder is located at the beginning of
a song in each time base mode.
<ABS time mode> <Bar/beat mode>
ABS time mode:
ABS time stands for Absolute time, which is "striped" on the disk when creating a song. It starts
from 0m00s000ms (=ABS zero, the beginning of a song) and ends by 99m59s999ms at maxi-
Bar/beat mode:
The bar/beat/clock information is created according to the internal tempo map.
The ABS zero position is set to "bar -2/beat 1/clk 000" by default (this is called "bar offset").
The MR-8HD determines the bar/beat/clock value in a song in referenced to the bar offset, as
well as the time signature map and tempo map. You can set the bar offset between bar 1 to bar
-8 via the menu mode (see page 81). The figure below shows the relation between two time base
Each of the MR-8HD tracks has two output modes: repro monitor and input monitor.
In the repro monitor mode, the track playback signal is output. So if you want to listen to the
track playback sound, select the repro monitor mode.
In the input monitor mode, the input signal fed to the track is output. So you can check the level
of the input signal to be recorded.
To enter a MR-8HD track to input monitor mode, press the appropriate [REC SELECT] key to arm
the track (i.e. make the track record-ready), then press only the [RECORD] key to enter the
"RECORD READY" mode or press both the [RECORD] and [PLAY] keys simultaneously to start
Bar/beat mode
The beginning of a song
(ABS ZERO) 0m03s000ms 0m06s000ms
1bar 1 000clk 3bar 1 000clk
-2bar 1 000clk
ABS time mode
Input signals for
recorder tracks Output signals from
recorder tracks
Track 1
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Playback signal (repro monitor)
Playback signal (repro monitor)
Playback signal (repro monitor)
Playback signal (repro monitor)
Playback signal (repro monitor)
Track 3
Track 4
Input signal (input monitor)
Input signal (input monitor)
Track 2 Playback signal (repro monitor)
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