MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Basic operations)
6) After completing song name entry, press the
[MENU/ENTER] knob.
The cursor moves to “[ENTER]” at the bottom
of the screen.
7) While “[ENTER]” is flashing, press the
[MENU/ENTER] knob.
The display now shows the home screen of the
newly created song (My_Song).
As shown in the lower screen example, the song
name (My_Song) and the song number
(Song02) are shown.
If you want to cancel creating a song,
rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to move the
cursor to "[CANCEL]" and press the [MENU/
ENTER] knob.
Now, in addition to the demo song, a new
song on which no audio is recorded is cre-
ated by the procedure above.
It is a good idea to create more than one
song before you start recording.
After creating a song or songs for recording,
connect the sound source to the MR-8HD (see
the next page) and start recording.
<Character entry keys>
Some keys on the MR-8HD top panel
act as character entry keys in the
menu mode. For example, the [PLAY
MODE] key (shown at the left) can
be used for entering S, T, U, s, t, u
and 7. Each press of a character en-
try key switches the character to be
entered among those assigned to
the key.
<Character entry example>
The following procedure example shows how to en-
ter "My_Song" as a song name.
1. Use the [NATURAL] key to enter "M".
2. Use the [LOCATE B/OUT] key to enter "y".
3. Use the [STORE] key to enter "_".
4. Use the [PLAY MODE] key to enter "S".
5. Use the [NATURAL] key to enter "o".
6. Rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to move the
cursor right.
7. Use the [NATURAL] key to enter "n".
8. Use the [7/8>STEREO WAV FILE] key to
enter "g".
After creating a new song, by ex-
ecuting procedure steps 1 through 3, the
following song selection screen appears.
This screen is used for loading the desired
song from the list, as well as creating a new
For example, by rotating the [MENU/ENTER]
knob to highlight “S01: FOSTEX_FEVER” and
pressing the [MENU/ENTER] knob, you can
load the demo song.
For details about how to select the desired
song, see "Song management" on page 97.
<How to enter characters>
<Notes on cursor movement>
Pressing a different character entry key automati-
cally moves the cursor right.
If two successive characters are assigned to the
same character entry key, rotate the [MENU/EN-
TER] knob after selecting the first character to
move the cursor right.
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