MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Basic operations)
6) While playing the guitar, adjust the recording level
using the [TRIM] control of the [INPUT A]
Adjust the level appropriately so that the PEAK
indicator does not light.
Turning the [PHONES VOL] control clockwise
raises the headphone monitor level.
The screen shows the input level of track 1, as
well as the stereo L and R output levels.
The fader for track 1 is used to ad-
just the monitor level. To adjust the record-
ing level, use the [TRIM] control of the [IN-
PUT A] channel.
Adjust the [TRIM] control properly
so that the PEAK indicator does not light at
the loudest part of the guitar sound. If the
input level is too high, the PEAK indicator
lights and the sound may be distorted or
<Tip>: When receiving a line level signal, set
the [TRIM] control to left ("LINE") to get the
appropriate level. When receiving a micro-
phone signal, set the [TRIM] control to right
("MIC") to get the appropriate level.
7) While holding down the [RECORD] key, press the
[PLAY] key to start recording.
The guitar is recorded.
8) When recording completes, press the [STOP] key
to stop the recorder.
We recommend to press the [REC
SELECT] key for track 1 to unarm track 1.
Starting recording
9) Press the [REWIND] key while holding down the
[STOP] key to locate the recorder to the
beginning of the song.
10) Press the [PLAY] key to start playback.
You can adjust the monitor level using the track
1 fader, as well as the [MASTER] fader and
[PHONES VOL] control.
Playing back the recorded track
If you are not satisfied with the result, use
the undo/redo function to cancel the re-
cording and try again.
Undoing recording (undo/redo)
5) Press the [RECORD] key once (the key indicator
starts flashing).
Track 1 (which is record armed) now enters
the input monitor mode and " " is
shown on the home screen.
If you press the [UNDO/REDO] key after finishing
recording, you can return to the condition before
the recording started (UNDO operation). Therefore,
you can try recording again.
If you press the [UNDO/REDO] key again (after
UNDO), the undo operation is canceled and you
can return to the condition when the recording
finished (REDO operation).
The undo/redo function is available for
all kind of recordings, however, if you carry out
any of the following operations after making re-
cording, you cannot undo the recording.
• Carrying out new recording.
• Carrying out track or part editing.
• Turning off the power.
• Selecting another song or editing the song name.
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