MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Track bouncing)
Track bouncing
This chapter describes track bouncing which is an important
function in the recording process.
The track bouncing mixes several tracks and records onto other
two tracks. By using this function, you can record more sound
materials to the MR-8HD tracks.
Three track bouncing modes are available:
(1) Bouncing tracks 1 through 4 to tracks 5/6.
(2) Bouncing tracks 1 through 6 to tracks 7/8
(3) Bouncing tracks 1 through 8 to tracks 7/8 of a new song.
In any mode, you can apply a reverb (or delay) to tracks 1
through 4 when bouncing to two tracks in stereo. Further-
more, you can apply the mastering effect to the mixed signals.
You can also execute track bouncing while mixing sound
sources from inputs A through D.
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