MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Data export to a personal computer)
The MR-8HD is equipped with the USB port for direct connection to a personal computer using a
USB cable.
The USB connection allows you to export the stereo WAV file data, which is converted from a pair
of mono WAV files on tracks 7/8, to your computer. The exported data can be played back or
edited using a computer's music software application, or used as a source when burning an
original audio CD using a CD-R/RW drive. You can also use this exporting capability for backing
up data to a personal computer when the remaining space of a hard disk becomes small.
Connection to a personal computer
Connect the [USB] port of the MR-8HD to the
USB port of a personal computer using a USB
cable, as shown above.
(A USB cable is not supplied with the MR-8HD.)
Windows Me/2000/XP machine supporting USB
USB cable
Only Windows Me, 2000 and XP comput-
ers, as well as Macintosh computers with OS X or
higher, can be used with the MR-8HD. Other com-
puters cannot be used.
Check your computer before making connection.
Notes on exporting a file
<Note on backup>
When exporting song data on the hard disk to a
personal computer for backup, always export the
whole song folder. You cannot export individual
track data. See page 95 for details. See “Archiving
a song” on page 95 for details about song data
<Notes on USB connection with Mac OS>
When making USB connection with a Macintosh
computer, note that only Mac OS X or higher is
supported. Do not connect to a Macintosh com-
puter with the earlier version. The song data on
the MR-8HD may be damaged.
Use the [USB] port
for connection to a
personal com-
puter. Do not con-
nect the [USB
HOST] port to a
personal com-
You can export only a stereo WAV file
which is converted from a pair of mono WAV
files on tracks 7/8, as described earlier in "WAV
file conversion". A mono WAV file or undo file
cannot be exported to a personal computer.
See the next page for details about the export-
able files.
<Disk protection>
By default, the “disk protect” function which
is effective in the USB mode is set to “On”.
In this condition, the MR-8HD can export data
to a personal computer but cannot import data
from a computer. This is for protecting the
MR-8HD internal hard disk from importing a
file from a computer inappropriately and de-
stroying the MR-8HD song data.
You can enable or disable this function, how-
ever, we recommend using the MR-8HD by
setting it to “On”.
If you use the MR-8HD by setting the “disk
protect” function to “Off”, read “Archiving a
song” on page 95 before using. See page 94
for details about how to make the “disk pro-
tection” setting.
Exporting data to a personal computer
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