MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Data export to a personal computer)
3) Highlight "USB" by rotating the [MENU/ENTER]
knob, then press the [MENU/ENTER] knob.
The display shows the USB menu screen.
1) Turn on the power of the personal computer and
the MR-8HD.
2) Press the [MENU/ENTER] knob to enter the menu
The display now shows the first page of the
menu selection screen, where "<< Back" is
highlighted initially.
<Important note>
Converted stereo WAV
files are located in the "2
MIX" folder in the Song
folder, as shown below. So
you can export only a ste-
reo WAV file in the "2
MIX" folder (indicated by
an arrow).
Note that, if you export a
WAV file which is located
in a folder other than the
"2 MIX" folder, the MR-
8HD may malfunction.
Exporting a WAV file to a personal computer
The following describes the procedure for
exporting a WAV file to a Windows ME com-
5) Connect the MR-8HD to a personal computer
using a USB cable.
6) Open "My computer" on the computer screen.
You see the "Removable disk" drive added on
the computer. The first time you connect the
MR-8HD, thedevice driver is installed
7) Open the added Removable disk drive, and
select the stereo WAV file in the desired song
folder, then copy to the computer.
When you open the added Removable disk
drive, the contents of the MR-8HD hard disk
are shown, in which you can see all the song
Open the "2 MIX" folder in the desired song
folder, and select the stereo WAV file, then copy
it to the computer.
While copying data, the [RECORD] key
indicator of the MR-8HD lights (flashes),
showing that the hard disk is being accessed.
When data copy completes, the indicator turns
By default, the disk protect func-
tion is enabled. In this condition, when the
MR-8HD enters the USB mode, “<DISK PRO-
TECTED>” is shown in the USB screen, as
After copying a WAV file in the folder
to a computer, the original file remains. How-
ever, if you execute "move to another
folder",the original file on the disk is lost.
To disconnect the MR-8HD from the
personal computer after completing the data
export, make sure that the [RECORD] key
indicator is not lit, and follow the procedure
for hardware disconnection of Windows.
8) When the data export completes, disconnect the
MR-8HD from the personal computer.
4) Rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to move the
cursor to “USB Device Mode”, and press the
[MENU/ENTER] knob.
The MR-8HD enters the USB mode and the
display shows the screen as below. 9) Press the [STOP] key to exit the menu mode.
While the MR-8HD is in the USB
mode, all keys except the [STOP] key are
ineffective. Pressing the [STOP] key exits the
USB mode.
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