MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Data export to a personal computer)
The MR-8HD internal hard disk is protected by default.
The protection is effective only in the USB mode in which the MR-8HD is used with a personal
computer. You can make the hard disk “read only” (protected) or “read/write enabled”
(unprotected). The default is “read only”.
As mentioned earlier in “Disk protection” on page 92, if you transfer song data from a computer
to the MR-8HD improperly, the data may be damaged. To avoid such an accident, we recommended
enabling hard disk protection. To disabling the disk protection, follow the procedure below.
1) While the recorder is stopped, press the
[MENU/ENTER] knob to enter the menu mode.
The display now shows the first page of the
menu selection screen, where "<< Back" is
highlighted initially.
2) Rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to select “USB”
on the second page, and press the
[MENU/ENTER] knob.
The display now shows the USB menu screen,
where “<<Back” is highlighted. Selecting
“<<Back” returns to the previous screen.
You can also return to the previous screen by
pressing the [REWIND] key.
3) Rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to highlight “Disk
Protect”, and press the [MENU/ENTER] knob.
The current setting (the default is “On”)
4) Rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to select “Off”,
and press the [MENU/ENTER] knob.
The selection is confirmed and the display
returns to the previous screen.
5) Press the [STOP] key to exit the menu mode.
The disk is “read/write enabled”
(unprotected). You can transfer data
between the MR-8HD and a computer in
both ways.
The disk is “read only” (protected).
You can transfer data only from the MR-
8HD to a computer (default setting).
When you enter the USB mode while the
disk protection is disabled, the screen as below is
shown. In this condition, the hard disk is “read/
write enabled” and you can bi-directionally trans-
fer song data between a computer and the MR-
Protecting the hard disk
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