MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Data export to a personal computer)
You can archive song data recorded by the MR-8HD by using either of the following methods.
(1) Using the WAV Manager supplied by Fostex
The WAV Manager converts each track data to a single mono file. Data is compressed so you
can save the file in small size to a personal computer. This method is useful for exporting data
to a PC software application for multitrack recording.
For details about how to use the WAV Manager, see the owner's manual supplied with the WAV
Manager. You can download the WAV Manager from Fostex web site (http:www.fostex.co.jp).
(2) Using drag & drop technique
You can copy a song folder using drag & drop technique. This method allows saving all data in
the folder (including the history data, etc.).
• Exporting data to a personal computer
1) Connect the MR-8HD to a personal computer via USB, and open the root folder.
You can copy each song folder in the root folder to the personal computer.
2) Copy a desired song folder to the personal computer using drag & drop
3) After making copy, exit the USB mode.
When drag & drop the folder on your personal computer, use the "copy" func-
tion. If you use the "move" function, not only the song on the MR-8HD is deleted but also
other songs on the MR-8HD may be destroyed.
We recommend to enable the disk protection (the default is "enabled") when executing
data copy.
Using this method, you can also copy the hidden folder which includes hidden files
"deleted" by the MR-8HD song management operation. Copied hidden files can be used
as a normal song files by turning off the hidden attribute by the computer.
If you cannot see the hidden folder, consult the manual of your personal com-
• Importing data from a personal computer
When importing data from a personal computer to the MR-8HD, there is the danger that the
MR-8HD file system may be destroyed. Especially, deleting or adding files many times may
cause the fragmentation of FAT32, resulting in sound jump caused by performance deteriora-
tion. Therefore, before loading data from a personal computer to the MR-8HD, save all neces-
sary folders to the personal computer and format the MR-8HD hard disk.
1) Format the MR-8HD internal hard disk (see page 124).
2) Disable the disk protection (see page 94).
3) Connect the MR-8HD to a personal computer via USB (see page 93).
4) Copy the desired song folder on the personal computer to the root folder of the
MR-8HD hard disk.
5) Repeat step 4) as many times as required.
6) After making copy of all necessary folders, exit the USB mode.
Do not use "move" operation, as with saving data to a computer.
Usually, the song order follows the copied order. However, it may be dif-
ferent depending on a computer OS.
Archiving a song
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