MR-8HD Owner’s Manual (Song management)
You can edit a current song name save the edited song name. Only the current song can be
1) Load the desired song of which you are going to
edit the song name.
2) While the recorder is stopped, press the
[MENU/ENTER] knob to enter the menu mode.
The display now shows the first page of the
menu selection screen, where "<< Back" is
highlighted initially (selecting "<< Back"
returns to the previous screen).
6) After entering the name, press the [MENU/ENTER]
The cursor moves to "[ENTER]" at the bottom
of the screen. To cancel the operation, use the
[MENU/ENTER] knob to highlight “[CANCEL]”
and press the [MENU/ENTER] knob.
<Character entry keys>
Some keys on the MR-8HD
top panel act as character
entry keys in the menu mode.
For example, the [PLAY
MODE] key (shown on the
left) can be used to enter S,
T, U, s, t, u and 7. Each press
of a character entry key switches the character
to be entered from among those assigned to
the key.
If you enter the same name as an
existing song or do not enter a name in step
5 and press the [MENU/ENTER] knob in step
6 below, the display shows "Illegal Song
Name!" and returns to the song name edit-
ing screen.
3) Rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to select
"Song >", and press the [MENU/ENTER] knob.
The display now shows the song menu screen,
where "<< Back" is highlighted.
4) Rotate the [MENU/ENTER] knob to select
"Rename Song >", then press the [MENU/ENTER]
The display now shows the screen for song
name editing of the current song, on which the
rightmost character of song name flashes.
5) Use the character entry keys to enter the desired
character to the flashing point.
You can move the cursor (flashing point) by
rotating the [MENU/ENTER] knob (or by
pressing another character entry key).
<[DELETE] key>
Pressing the [UNDO/REDO -
DELETE] key deletes the
character at the flashing point.
By pressing this key repeat-
edly, you can delete all char-
acters under the flashing
7) Press the [MENU/ENTER] knob again.
The edited name is stored and the display
returns to the song menu screen, where
“Rename Song >” is highlighted.
8) Press the [STOP] key to exit the menu mode.
The MR-8HD exits the menu mode and the
display shows the home screen where the
edited song name is displayed.
Editing a song name
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