112 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel 14
Dialing Plan On-Net Dialing
On-Net Dialing
ShoreTel supports On-Net Dialing (OND), an enhancement that allows users to create more flexible
dialing plans than before. The On-Net Dialing feature allows users to divide phone numbers into two
separately-managed parts:
Extension prefix - typically 3 digits in length; similar in concept to a site code
Vertical Service Codes If a Vertical Service Code was
dialed, digit manipulation rules do
not apply.
Vertical Service Codes work with
ISDN PRI and SIP trunks and some
loop-start trunks.
With PRI and SIP trunks, Vertical
Service Codes for Caller ID
Blocking control will be converted to
D-Channel messages.
With loop-start trunks, the service
provider must be able to accept the
outpulsed digits with only 50 msecs
of pause between each digit,
including the service codes.
Vertical Service Codes are typically
not supported by service providers
on wink-start trunks. If you have
outbound access on wink-start
trunks and you dial a vertical service
code, you will likely get an error
message from the service provider.
Not applicable.
Off System Extensions Off System Extensions define
ranges of extensions that when
dialed will be routed out of this trunk
group. This is typically used to
interface to a legacy PBX system
using a T1 or E1 circuit provided by
a ShoreTel voice switch. Off-system
extensions digits can be
manipulated using a translation
Digit manipulation, including the Dial
Out Prefix, will not be applied to
these calls.
Not applicable.
Table 26: Digital Manipulation Options(Continued)
Option Description Example
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