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The following limitations apply to call recording:
Call recording is only available via ShoreTel Communicator - Personal Access or a programmable
button on IP phones.
Only calls on trunks (not extensions-to-extensions) can be recorded.
2-way and 3-way calls can be recorded if one of the legs of the call is a trunk.
Calls to a legacy ShoreTel Conference Bridge cannot be recorded.
Recording stops when the call is parked, unparked, or transferred.
ShoreTel, Inc. does not warrant or represent that your use of call monitoring or recording features of
the software will be in compliance with local, state, federal or international laws that you may be
subject to. ShoreTel, Inc. is not responsible for ensuring your compliance with all applicable laws.
Before configuring the call recording feature, you may wish to consult with legal counsel regarding
your intended use.
Make Me Conferencing
The ShoreTel system allows up to six callers to participate in a conference call without the use of a
ShoreTel Conferencing Service or ShoreTel Converged Conferencing Solution. To use the Make Me
conference feature you need a ShoreTel IP Phone and, for calls greater than 3 parties, the proper
Class of Service must be configured in ShoreWare Director. If you do not have an IP phone, the
feature can also be used from the soft button “join” on an analog phone, in conjunction with ShoreTel
Communicator. The conference ports must also be reserved on the ShoreTel Voice Switch. The Make
Me conference feature does not require ShoreTel Conferencing Services or a ShoreTel Converged
Conference Bridge.
ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Solution
If you purchased the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Solution, you must configure an appropriate
number of route points with adequate call stacks. Route points are a licensed feature. Ensure that you
have sufficient licenses to support your planned deployment.
For information on route points, see the ShoreTel System Administration Guide. For information on the
ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Solution, please review the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center
Solution Installation Guide and the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Solution Administration Guide.
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