Capacity and Hardware Requirements for Distributed Voice Servers Server Requirements 10
ShoreTel 14 Planning and Installation Guide 175
Table 35 displays the minimum hardware requirement for ShoreTel Headquarters servers.
Table 36 displays maximum usage ShoreTel DVS supports by usage type per server type.
Capacity and Hardware Requirements for Distributed Voice
Table 36 provides information about system capacity for each of the tiers for ShoreTel Distributed
Voice Servers (DVS). The table provides information about the number of users and calls that a DVS
in each tier can support. Ta ble 37 shows the minimum equipment capacities for each tier for DVSs.
Use these tables to calculate the requirements for the DVSs in the ShoreTel deployment. You can mix
servers of different capacities. Choose the right servers for the entire telephony environment.
Report generation has an impact on system performance. ShoreTel recommends that customers run
reports outside of business hours. If a customer needs reports during business hours, the supported
calls per server for the medium and large server tiers is reduced as noted in the table.
Table 35: Headquarter Server Hardware Recommendations for Enterprise System
Size Processor RAM Network
Small Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, Single Dual Core 3.00
GHz or Intel Core i3-540 Processor (4M Cache,
3.06 GHz)
4 GB 100 Base-T
Medium Intel Xeon 5520 Single Quad Core 2.27 GHz 8 GB 100 Base-T or Gigabit Ethernet
Large Intel Xeon 5520 Dual Quad Core 2.27 GHz 8 GB Gigabit Ethernet
Very Large Intel Xeon 5680 Dual Six Core 3.33 GHz 12GB Gigabit Ethernet
The system supports a maximum of ten distributed voice servers.
Table 36: Distributed Voice Server (DVS) Capacity
Size Maximum Users per DVS Server
Branch Office Bundle 100
Small 500
Medium 1,000
Large 1,000
Very Large 500 or 1,000
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