194 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel 14
ShoreTel Server Installation Headquarters Server Software
Headquarters Server Software
This section describes how to install the ShoreTel headquarters server software. Use the procedures
for upgrades or new installations.
Before beginning software installation or upgrade, do the following:
Make sure that the server meets the physical requirements for the implementation. For more
information, see Chapter 10, Server Requirements.
Close all programs on the server.
Verify that no anti-virus software or endpoint software is running during installation
Connect the server to the Ethernet network. The server must be connected to the network with the
correct IP address before installing the software.
Install ShoreWare Server software on an NTFS partition.
(Optional) Run the compatibility checker. You can run the compatibility checker from the
installation wizard. For more information, see Checking Server Compatibility on page 193.
Your server must be equipped with at least 2-GB RAM. If it has less than 2-GB RAM, the installer
displays the message show in Figure 33 before it starts the installation or upgrade.
Figure 33: Minimum RAM Warning Message
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