206 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel 14
ShoreTel Server Installation Installing License Keys
Click Print at the top of the page to print the information.
Click Submit to send the request immediately to ShoreTel, Inc. After verifying the
information, ShoreTel emails the license key within three business days. Until the license
key arrives, you can click on Later in the ShoreTel Director Welcome screen to enter
ShoreTel Director. You have up to 45 days to install the license key.
Click Save to File to save the request for later submission.
6. Click Save to File. Follow the steps required to save the (SLR) file on your desktop.
7. Email the SLR file to ShoreTel at: licensekeyrequest@shoretel.com.
Upon receipt, a response is sent containing a compliance token granting access to Director. This
token (or, license key) is associated with the Server MAC address and a System Build Number.
8. Verify the compliance token.
1. Click Administration > System Parameters > Product Verification. The Product
Verification page appears.
2. Enter the Compliance Token and click Verify. If the token is valid, a confirmation message
is displayed.
9. Confirm registration:
1. Exit then relaunch Director.
2. Navigate to the Contact Information page.
3. Click Refresh this page. The Reminder Notification message is no longer posted.
10. Install your license keys, if necessary. See Installing License Keys on page 206.
If registration information is not received by ShoreTel (for any reason), Director submits the
information every hour for seven days after upgrading. If the process is unsuccessful, you must
submit the Contact Information again (over the internet or through email) as often as necessary
until registration is completed. If registration is not completed in 45 days, Director is locked.
Installing License Keys
1. View the license packet that you received from ShoreTel.
2. Launch ShoreTel Director.
3. In the ShoreTel Director menu, click Administration > System Parameters > Licenses > Keys.
The License Key Info dialog box appears.
4. Click the New button at the top of the page.
5. In the Key field, enter the license key that you received from ShoreTel.
6. In the Comment field, enter a description of the license.
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