Ensuring Proper Server Performance ShoreTel Server Installation 11
ShoreTel 14 Planning and Installation Guide 219
When installing the ShoreTel server on Windows Server 2008 (64-bit), you must launch Setup.exe
using “Run as Administrator.”
6. Log into Director.
Ensuring Proper Server Performance
This section contains guidelines for ensuring the best performance from your ShoreTel server. This list
is not exhaustive.
Verify the server meets the hardware requirements, especially memory.
Regularly defrag your hard drive and perform disk checks at least every other month.
Optimize server performance for background services rather than for applications.
The voice services running on the server are real-time services that could be negatively affected
by having an application running in the foreground. Perform the following steps to optimize server
a. On the ShoreTel server desktop click Start > Control Panel > System.
b. Select the Advanced tab or click Advanced system settings.
c. Depending on your system, do one of the following:
Click Performance Options. The Performance Options dialog box appears.
Under Performance, click Settings, and then select the Advanced tab.
d. Select the Background services radio button.
e. Make sure the paging file size (virtual memory) on the server is large enough.
Setting the Server to Maximize for Network Performance
1. On the ShoreTel server desktop click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet
Connections > Network Connections.
For more server maintenance information, refer to the Microsoft system recommendations at
The paging file size should be 1 to 3 times larger than the physical memory on the server. If you
have 512 MB of memory, the paging file size should be between 512 MB and 1536 MB. To
increase the paging file size, click Change.
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