Memory and Processing Site Requirements and Preparation 12
ShoreTel 14 Planning and Installation Guide 227
Memory and Processing
Each ShoreTel voice switch has the same memory and processing (see Table 54).
Table 55 summarizes all of the connectors on the ShoreTel voice switches. Diagrams showing where
these connectors are located are provided later in this chapter.
Table 54: ShoreTel Voice Switch Memory and Processing
Type Details
Flash Memory 16 MB
Random Access Memory 128 MB
Main Processor PowerPC 8245
Digital Signal Processor Texas Instruments 5409A
Table 55: ShoreTel Voice Switch Connectors
SG 120/24
SG 60/12
SG 40/8
SG E1/220E1 SG 220T1A
Power 110 VAC 110 VAC 110 VAC
Ethernet 2 RJ-45 2 RJ-45 2 RJ-45
Analog telephone/trunk RJ-21X male
0–2,000 feet
RJ-21X male
0–2,000 feet
Digital trunk RJ-48C RJ-48C
T1 trunk monitor RJ-48C RJ-48C
Audio input (Music on Hold) 3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono
Audio output (Paging, Night
3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono
Maintenance DB-9 female DB-9 female DB-9 female
2000 ft. length uses 26AWG wire
Audio input/output on 220T1 and 220E1, but not T1/E
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