254 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel 14
Desktop Requirements .NET Framework
Citrix XenApp: For platform details on Windows Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp, see
Appendix C, Installing Communicator on Citrix and Windows Servers.
.NET Framework
On Windows-based computers, ShoreTel Communicator requires the installation of .NET Framework
version 4 or higher. When .Net Framework is not already installed on the target computer, the
Communicator installer will automatically install or update the software if a copy is available in the
Communicator installation files on the server or trigger a download from Microsoft before installing
Communicator. The .Net Framework is not shipped with the product. The person doing the installation
will be prompted to accept the end user license agreement from Microsoft to proceed with the .NET
ShoreTel Communicator for Web Browser Requirements
ShoreTel Communicator for Web can be accessed and controlled via web browser. The following
browser versions are supported:
Safari 5.0 on Macintosh
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0
Firefox 5.0 on Windows and Mac OS
Adobe Flash 9 or higher should also be installed
Microsoft Outlook Integration
This section discusses different ways ShoreTel Communicator integrates with Microsoft Outlook.
Integrating with E-mail
ShoreTel Communicator supports e-mail integration with the following products:
Microsoft Outlook 2007, SP2
Microsoft Outlook 2010 (32 bit)
Microsoft Outlook 2010 (64 bit)
Additional Requirements for Microsoft Outlook Integration include:
Microsoft Outlook must already be installed as the user's e-mail before installing Outlook
integration features.
Microsoft Outlook must be configured for workgroup mode rather than Internet-only mode before
installing Microsoft Outlook integration features. This ensures it supports multiple mail service
Automatic Call Handling with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar requires an optional component of
Microsoft Office called Collaborative Data Objects.
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