Installing the TSP Package ShoreTel Integration with External Applications 17
ShoreTel 14 Planning and Installation Guide 297
5. Select ShoreTel Remote TAPI Service Provider.
6. Click Configure. The ShoreTel Remote TSP dialog appears.
7. In Provider Usage, verify that the provider is enabled.
8. Launch ShoreTel Communicator for Windows.
The TAPI service registers the ID, password, and address of the user for transactions with the third-
party application.
Installing the TSP Package
You must install the Telephony Service Provider (TSP) package on clients that require TAPI for third-
party applications (for example, ShoreTel Professional Service applications).
This software can be found in the Third Party Support folder included with the Communicator software.
There are three ways to install the Third Party TSP package on client operating systems for third-party
Running setup
Using the Microsoft GPO Deployment tool
Using the ShoreTel Professional Services application
The installation procedure for each method is described in the following sections.
Running Setup
1. Perform a fresh install or upgrade of Communicator for Windows.
2. Configure Communicator.
3. Install the Third Party TSP package.
4. Follow the default settings and finish the installation.
5. Reboot the client machine.
Communicator can now use Third Party applications.
You must upgrade ShoreTel Communicator for Windows first before you upgrade the third-party TSP
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