314 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel 14
Legacy Integration Configuring Legacy Voice Mail Integration Using SMDI
Figure 59: Leave Original Digits blank to add a digit to all legacy extensions
Next, you must select the digit translation mapping that you just created at the server.
7. Click the Application Servers link and click on the name of the ShoreTel server that will be
handling the digit translation.
8. In the Simplified Message Desk Interface section of the Application Servers window, select
ShoreTel Voice Mail from the Mode drop-down menu. The Translation Table drop-down menu
9. Click on the arrow button and select the name of the digit translation table that you just created.
10. Select the Use for Call Data check box and Use for MWI Data check box by placing a check mark
in each one as shown below. Doing so allows for the digit translation to occur under the following
Data about a call is transferred between the legacy and ShoreTel systems.
Message Waiting Indicator information is transferred between the two systems to notify the
legacy PBX that a message was left on the ShoreTel voice mail.
11. By default, the Use Flash to Route Calls check box is enabled. Leave this as is. Note that this
check box only appears when ShoreTel Voice Mail is selected in the Mode drop-down menu in
the Simplified Message Desk Interface section of the window. If selected, calls sent to the
ShoreTel Auto Attendant from the SMDI trunk group are automatically transferred to the dialed
extension using flash. If not selected, calls will be routed using other lines.
The extension length must be the same on each of the systems for the Transfer Using Flash
feature to work as no translation is applied.
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