Configuring ShoreTel Voice Mail Integration Using SMDI Legacy Integration 18
ShoreTel 14 Planning and Installation Guide 319
Figure 63: Configuring ShoreTel voice mail server
4. In the Trunk Group drop-down menu, select the name of the SMDI trunk group that you created
earlier. This tells the server the name of the trunk group from which it should expect to receive
voice mail calls.
5. In the COM Port field, enter the numerical value, which is between 1 and 10, that corresponds to
the serial port of the ShoreTel server where you will be connecting the serial port. This serial port
will be used to route out-of-band SMDI signaling information between the PBX link device and the
ShoreTel server.
6. The Message Desk Number, which has a range of 1-999, is optional and can be set to the default
value of 1. Check with the vendor for this value.
The Message Desk Number is used to indicate a specific system in situations where a number of
SMDI links have been daisy-chained together. This value allows each system to known which data
belongs to it. In most case this parameter is set to 1, since only one system will be using the SMDI
7. The Number of Digits field, which has a range of 2-32, is optional.
This value determines how many digits the ShoreTel system will send in SMDI extension fields.
This value needs to be set to the value the voice mail system expects. The most common values
are either 7 or 10. If the system extension length is less than the number of SMDI digits, then the
extension number will be padded. For example, if the ShoreTel system needs to send extension
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