Basic Cut-Over Checklist Cut-Over 19
ShoreTel 14 Planning and Installation Guide 331
Basic Cut-Over Checklist
Trunking Cut-Over
For existing trunking, use the cut-over worksheets to identify the trunks that are used from the old
system (if applicable), and terminate them on the voice switches. Use a test telephone to dial in and
out of each trunk, verify that it routes to the correct location, and listen closely to the voice quality.
When preparing new trunks for installation, use the following checklist.
Table 75: Basic Cut-Over Checklist
Description Completed
Secure the telephone company’s contact names, telephone
numbers, and pager numbers for testing.
Set up a command center to support cut-over activities.
Ensure that copies of the floor plans and cut-over worksheets are
Secure access to building and office areas that require ShoreTel
voice switch telephones.
Ensure that a telephone is installed next to the ShoreTel voice switch
for testing.
Ensure that music-on-hold is installed and tested.
Record and test the auto-attendant greeting for on-hours and off-
Test all telephones.
Test paging and night bell features, if applicable.
Table 76: Trunking Cutover Checklist
Description Completed
Identify the new trunks.
Terminate the new trunks on the ShoreTel voice switches.
Contact the telephone company’s tester, and test each trunk (one at a
Agree on the specific trunk that is being tested.
Have the tester dial in on the new trunk.
Answer the incoming call on a test telephone.
Observe overall voice quality.
Go through this checklist until all trunks are tested.
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