442 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel 14
ShoreTel Voice Switches ShoreTel 24A Voice Switch
Maximum IP Phone Resources: None
LED Descriptions
Power LED
The ShoreTel 24A has one power LED, which indicates the following:
On: The switch is operating normally.
Off: The switch has no power.
2 flashes — The switch failed its internal self-test. This indicates a hardware failure; replace
the unit and submit a Return Material Authorization (RMA) to ShoreTel, Inc.
3 flashes — Booting via FTP. Flash memory might be corrupted. Go to the Quick Look page to
ensure that the system is running properly.
4 flashes — The IP address is unavailable. DHCP and BOOTP did not respond to the IP
address request, and the IP address is not available in nonvolatile memory to continue boot
process. The switch will automatically reboot in five seconds and try again. Check the BOOTP/
DHCP server and the network configuration to ensure that the voice switch is receiving a valid
IP address.
5 flashes — The operating system is not available. The switch is booting from FTP but cannot
find the boot files. It automatically reboots in five seconds. You can use BOOTP or DHCP to
tell the switch where the files are. If you are using BOOTP, set the BOOTP server to the IP
address of the ShoreTel server, and set the boot file to /tsa/vxworks. If you are using a
DHCP server that supports options 66 and 67, set option 66 to the ShoreTel server’s IP
address, and set option 67 to /tsa/vxworks.
6 flashes — Using a previously stored IP address. A BOOTP/DHCP transaction was
attempted, but the BOOTP/DHCP server did not respond. The switch continues to use the IP
address stored in nonvolatile memory until it receives a valid response. If the switch receives a
response that provides a different IP address, it reboots using the new IP address. If the
switch receives a response that matches the IP address stored in nonvolatile memory, it
continues operation, and the power LED stops flashing. If the problem persists, check the
BOOTP/DHCP server and network configuration.
Switch Port LEDs
The ShoreTel 24A has 24 telephone/trunk port LEDs. The color of the LED indicates the port function:
Green when the port is a telephone port.
Yellow when the port is a trunk port.
Off indicates the port is reserved for IP phones, for conferencing, or is not configured.
The following describes the switch port LED behavior and meaning:
Telephone Port LEDs (Green)
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