Glossary G
ShoreTel 14 Planning and Installation Guide 469
T-1 A digital transmission link with a capacity of 1.554 Mbps (1,544,000
bits per second). A T-1 trunk can normally handle 24 voice
conversations, each digitized at 64 Kbps. T-1 lines are used for
connecting networks across remote distances.
Telco An abbreviation for telephone company.
Telephony Application
Programming Interface (TAPI)
A telephony software interface included in Microsoft Windows 95,
98, and NT; the operating system that lets applications incorporate
telephony control.
Tip and Ring Telephony jargon for the two wires from the telephone system to the
telephone set; also indicates polarity
Trunk Sometimes used synonymously with line or CO line. Traditionally, a
trunk from the telephone company connects to a PBX only, and not
to a telephone, whereas a line from the telephone company
connects to a telephone. For documentation purposes, either term
can be used when referring to voice connections from the telephone
Trunk Hunt Group A term sometimes used to indicate a group of telephone lines
configured by the telephone company to rotate incoming calls
among all the lines in search of the next available one. In this way, a
company can give out one main number, and all calls to that
number will hunt for the next available line or trunk.
TUI Telephone User Interface; a set of defined keystrokes on the
telephone keypad that are used to execute commands to either the
telephony switch, voice mail, or the automated attendant.
Workstation A personal computer (PC) or similar computer.
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