Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 8: Telephone Planning and Ordering
8.3.2 Workgroup Agents and Supervisors
Because workgroup agents and supervisors typically spend large amounts of time on the
telephone, they often like headsets. With the ShoreTel Communicator the user can control
the telephone in Handsfree Mode and use the analog telephone and headset purely as a
highly reliable method for carrying voice.
ShorePhone analog phones do not display Caller ID for calls forwarded from a workgroup
or hunt group.
8.3.3 Operators
Operators typically answer and transfer large numbers of telephone calls throughout the
day. Operators should be outfitted with a comfortable headset, and they should use the
Handsfree Mode feature, which effectively turns off the dial tone. In this way, operators can
use the ShoreTel Communicator to answer and transfer calls rapidly using their computer,
without the need to touch the telephone.
If an operator is using one of the ShorePhone multiline models, the Automatic Off-Hook
Preference feature allows the user to select which audio path (speakerphone or headset) is
automatically activated when a call is placed or when an incoming phone call is received.
The featured can be configured from Director, ShoreTel Communicator, or from the IP
Operators may also benefit from the programmable buttons feature, which allows users to
assign functions to the custom keys on the multiline phones, and on the BB24 device. The
programmable buttons feature allows a user to assign the extension monitoring feature to
one of the custom buttons. The Programmable Toolbars feature allows a system
administrator to program common functions and operations to buttons in a user’s ShoreTel
Communicator window so that an operator can perform many common tasks (e.g. answer
call, transfer call, invoke URL, etc.) at the click of a button.
Some operators will benefit from a cordless telephone or a cordless headset, which gives
them greater mobility.
8.3.4 Receptionists
Receptionists are typically satisfied with a standard desk telephone that supports Caller ID
and Message Waiting with a speakerphone and mute button.
8.3.5 Conference Rooms
Most conference rooms are best equipped with a speakerphone from a reputable
manufacturer. Since conference rooms do not have a ShoreTel Communicator client, users
may find the ShoreTel IP phone useful. The ShoreTel IP phone provides single-button
access to features such as transferring and conferencing calls.
8.3.6 Lobby Phones
A cost-effective wall-mount, slim-line, or desk telephone is adequate for most lobby
phones, hall phones, and the like. The IP110/115 models offer a cost-effective telephone
that is ideal for use in lobbies, lounges, or other common areas.
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