Chapter 9: Network Requirements and Preparation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 109
Get a service level agreement (SLA) from your WAN service provider.
Using your routers, prioritize your voice traffic ahead of your data traffic.
Set the ShoreTel Admission Control feature to ensure that the voice traffic does not
flood the WAN links.
With these items taken into consideration, you can simply and easily achieve toll-quality
voice using the ShoreTel system.
The ShoreTel system has been designed to work in a multi-vendor network environment
and therefore leverages standards to ensure voice prioritization.
IP Phone Supported Methods
Layer 2 IP Precedence (802.1p and 802.1q) (this only applies on the LAN)
Layer 3 Differentiated Services Code Point (DiffServ/ToS)
Layer 4 UDP 5004
ShoreGear Voice Switch Supported Methods
Layer 3 Differentiated Services Code Point (DiffServ/ToS)
Layer 4 UDP 5004
9.4.1 Network Requirements
When your voice traffic travels across your IP network, you must ensure that your network
does all of the following:
Delivers enough bandwidth
Meets the latency and jitter requirements
Meets the packet loss requirements for toll-quality voice
You also need to prioritize your voice traffic over your data traffic and configure the
ShoreTel system’s Admission Control feature.
9.4.2 Bandwidth Requirements
The amount of bandwidth for voice calls depends on these details:
Number of simultaneous calls
Voice encoding scheme in use
Amount of signaling overhead
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