Chapter 9: Network Requirements and Preparation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 123
The BOOTP server integrated into ShoreWare Director
The maintenance port on the front of the ShoreGear switches that provide a
maintenance port. Refer to Appendix G, starting on page 303, for the location of
the Maintenance port on ShoreGear switches.
If a voice switch has been configured to request a dynamic IP address, it puts a DHCP/
BOOTP request on the network when powered on. If the voice switch receives a response,
it uses the new IP address. If no response is received, it reverts to the previous IP address. If
there is no previous IP address, the voice switch continues trying to get an IP address.
If you use a DHCP server on the network, ShoreTel recommends that you configure
reserved IP addresses such that the IP addresses of the voice switches do not inadvertently
If you do not have a DHCP server on the network, you can use the BOOTP server
integrated into ShoreWare Director to assign IP addresses. ShoreTel does not support
running DHCP on the ShoreWare server for serving either ShoreGear voice switches or
other equipment.
The maintenance port can be used to configure the networking parameters.
The following recommendations will assist you with IP address assignment:
Ensure there is only one DHCP server on the network. If you have multiple DHCP
servers on the network, you risk giving the voice switches an errant IP address that
will remove the voice switches from service until the problem is corrected.
The ShoreTel system must be on a private network in some situations and on a
public network in other instances. For example, if the enterprise is using a firewall
with Network Address Translation (NAT), all remote facilities must establish VPN
connections to the headquarters and be on the same private network. If the
enterprise is not using NAT but is using firewalls, all remote locations must use
public IP addresses.
Each IP telephone must be configured with a single unique IP address. You can
configure the IP telephone through DHCP or manually on the telephone.
Telephones at different sites must be configured on different subnets or assigned
from different address ranges so that the ShoreTel system can properly assign the
voice switch for the IP telephone site.
9.7 Configuring DHCP for ShoreTel IP Phones
The ShoreTel server provides the IP phones with the latest application software and the
configuration information that enables the IP phone to be automatically added to the
ShoreTel system. The ShoreTel server’s address must be provided to the phone as a vendor-
specific DHCP option. ShorePhones are preconfigured to look for the ShoreTel server’s
address to be specified as Vendor Specific DHCP option 156. If these options are not
available, the ShoreTel IP phones will use option 66.
To set up DHCP option 156 for ShorePhone-IP110/115/212k/230/530/560/560g
telephones on a Microsoft DHCP server:
Step 1 Open DHCP Manager on your Microsoft DHCP server.
Step 2 Right-click the DHCP server, and select Set pre-defined options.
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