Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 9: Network Requirements and Preparation
If your organization is separated into separate subnets, make sure to select the proper
subnet. For example, if you have a global organization and would like to configure the
DHCP server to deliver the Spanish tones and cadences only to the IP phones in your office
in Spain, you should make sure to select that particular subnet of users. If you do not
specify the subnet, then all phones that boot from this DHCP server will receive Spanish
tones and cadences.
Step 3 Click Add.
Step 4 Set Name to IP Phone Boot Server.
Step 5 Set Data Type to String.
Step 6 Set Code to 156 and add a description, if desired.
Step 7 Navigate to the scope options and add option 156.
Step 8 Set the value of option 156 to:
ftpservers=ip_address, country=n, language=n, layer2tagging=n, vlanid=n
where ip_address equals the IP address of your ShoreWare Headquarters
Refer to Table 9-12 for a list of country codes. Selecting the appropriate country
code ensures that the phone has the proper ring tones and cadences needed for
a particular country.
Code Country Namea
a. Check with your system administrator or ShoreTel representative to determine the
level of support for a selected country.
1 United States of America
7 United Kingdom
8 Australia
9 Hong Kong
10 Malaysia
11 Singapore
12 Brazil
13 Netherlands
14 New Zealand
15 Portugal
16 Ireland
17 Belgium
Table 9-12 Country codes
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