Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 9: Network Requirements and Preparation
Step 8 Set the value of option 156 to:
ftpservers=ip address, Layer2Tagging=N, VlanId=X
FtpServers always needs to be set to a ShoreWare server and is a pre-existing
Layer2Tagging is a new parameter.
Purpose: enable/disable 802.1Q, default is disabled
Format: Layer2Tagging=N
where N=0 is disable, N=1 is enable
VlanId is a new parameter.
Purpose: VLAN id when 802.1Q is enabled, default is zero
Format: VlanId=X
where X is a VLAN id between 0 and 4094
E.g., the following would enable VLAN tagging using a VLAN id of 10:
9.9 Time Services
When IP phones are used, time services must be available to maintain the telephone’s date
and time display. This requires a server that supports the Simple Network Time Protocol
If you do not run an NTP server within your organization, you may use a public accessible
time servers used by the NIST Internet Time Service (ITS), shown in Table 9-14.1
In addition, you must configure your DHCP server to provide the correct GMT offset to the
IP phones at each site. See Section 16.4 on page 229 for more information.
1. This list was obtained at
Name IP Address Location NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland NIST, Boulder, Colorado NIST, Boulder, Colorado NIST, Boulder, Colorado University of Colorado, Boulder NCAR, Boulder, Colorado Microsoft, Redmond, Washington Symmetricom, San Jose, California Abovenet, Virginia Abovenet, New York City
Table 9-14 NTP Time Servers
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