ShoreTel 11.1 13
This preface provides information about the objectives, organization, and conventions of
the ShoreTel Planning and Installation Guide.
This document provides planning and installation information for the ShoreTel system and
This guide is written for the person who plans, installs, administers, and maintains the
ShoreTel system. This individual should be knowledgeable about data networking and
telephony to use this guide effShoreTel 11ectively.
This document is generally organized into major tasks, presented in the order in which
they should be completed.
Documentation Overview
The ShoreTel system is documented as described in the following sections.
System Documentation
The ShoreTel Planning and Installation Guide (this guide) can be found in the
documentation folder on the ShoreWare DVD and can also be accessed from ShoreWare
This guide provides information on how to plan the implementation of the ShoreTel
system, as well as how to install the necessary hardware, data communications, and
telecommunications elements. The ShoreTel Planning and Installation Guide can be used in
conjunction with the ShoreCare® ControlPoint project management tool.
Software Documentation
The ShoreTel Administration Guide provides detailed reference information (both task-
based and screen-by-screen) on how to administer and maintain the ShoreTel system using
ShoreWare Director. If you are installing one or more ShoreTel Conference Bridges, refer to
the ShoreTel Converged Conference Solution Administration Guide for complete installation
and configuration information. Both guides can be found in the documentation folder on
the DVD.
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