Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 10: Server Requirements
146 Management Tools
Select all Management Tools options FTP Publishing Service
Select all FTP Publishing Service options
10.8.2 Microsoft Server Features
ShoreWare requires the installation of SMTP Server. Figure 10-6 displays the Select
Features Installation panel.
. Microsoft Server Feature Properties
After SMTP and FTP are installed, the startup type must be changed from manual to
automatic. The following procedure changes the startup type for SMTP and FTP.
NOTE: Verify that the FTProot folder in the Inetpubs directory has at least read access.
Step 1 Access the Services table by selecting Server Manager -> Configuration -> Services.
Step 2 Open the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Properties panel by right clicking
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and selecting Properties on the context menu.
Figure 10-6 Select Features Installation Panel
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