ShoreTel 11.1 149
Installing ShoreTel Voice Switches
This chapter provides planning and installation information for the ShoreTel voice
switches. Information on switch connectors and LEDs can be found in Chapter 14, starting
on page 191.
11.1 Checklist
Review the following topics before proceeding to the next chapter:
11.2 Planning
The requirements to install a ShoreTel voice switch are basically the same as any multisite
installation. Please refer to the previous chapters in this guide for more information.
In summary, you must ensure that:
The IP network between the main and remote site meets the bandwidth, latency,
jitter, and packet loss requirements for a multisite installation.
The IP network between the main and remote site has quality of service in place
such that voice travels ahead of data.
You have appropriate firewall considerations in place, including VPN if applicable.
11.3 Mounting the ShoreTel Voice Switches
To stack the ShoreTel voice switch in a rack:
Step 1 Remove the voice switch from its shipping container.
Step 2 Place the switch on a flat platform, such as a shelf.
Step 3 Up to three switches can be stacked on top of each other.
Task Description
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Mounting the ShoreTel Voice Switches page 149
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ShoreWare Director Switch Configuration page 151
Table 11-1 Installing ShoreTel Voice Switches Checklist
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