ShoreTel 11.1 15
Getting Started
Congratulations on your purchase of the ShoreTel system!
Highly flexible, your new ShoreTel system is also simple to install, administer, and
maintain. You will be able to unify all your locations and voice applications into a single,
efficient voice communications network.
Voice communications is a mission-critical application. This planning and installation
guide leads you through the installation process to a successful implementation, so that
you and your user community can enjoy the benefits of the ShoreTel system.
Each chapter in this guide begins with recommendations that help you make a smooth
transition to the ShoreTel system.
If you are planning an international deployment, please see Appendix A, starting on page
263, for the international capabilities of the ShoreTel system.
1.1 Checklist
Review the following topics before proceeding to the next chapter:
1.2 Recommendations
The following recommendations help ensure that your planning and installation of the
ShoreTel system proceeds smoothly.
Resource planning: Do not underestimate the amount of resource commitment
needed to successfully implement a mission-critical application such as a new voice
communications system.
Schedule planning: Likewise, do not underestimate the amount of time needed to
successfully implement the system. Plan necessary tasks ahead of time. Many tasks
have long lead times (for example, ordering telephone service, preparing cabling,
and ordering telephones), and unforeseen problems can arise that must be
Delegation: Do not try to do everything yourself. Make sure you assign the right
resources to the right task.
Task Description
Recommendations page 15
Assembling the Team page 16
ShoreCare ControlPoint page 16
Table 1-1 Getting Started Checklist
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