Chapter 12: Planning Applications and Services Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 161
behavior so that when a call enters voice mail (and Auto Find Me is enabled), the call is
immediately sent to the Find Me destination numbers without requiring any action on the
part of the caller.
12.3.8 Call Sender
Users can place a return call to the originator of a voice mail by pressing “5” from the
phone during message playback. Users can also call back the voice mail sender from
ShoreTel Communicator, Agent Monitor, or Microsoft Outlook, if the user is so
provisioned. To use this feature, the user must belong to a user group with trunk-to-trunk
transfer Class of Service enabled. For more information, see the ShoreTel Administration
The user has the option of replying with either a voice message or a phone call if Caller ID
information is available on the call. If no Caller ID information is available for the call (for
example, on calls from an outside caller), the “reply with a call” option is not available for
that message.
When the user chooses to reply with a phone call, the call is transferred to the number of
the originating party. When the originating party is an external caller, the message recipient
must have the dialing permission to dial the Caller ID number. Once the message recipient
is transferred to the number of the message originator, there is no option to return to the
12.3.9 Time Stamps
The time stamp of the message is relative to the time on the server where the message is
taken. For example:
When the user views messages in the Voice Mail Viewer or Outlook Form, the user
interface will adjust the time stamp based upon the time of the user’s computer.
When the user dials into voice mail to retrieve their messages, the time stamp will
be based on the time of the server.
12.4 Planning Fax Handling
The ShoreTel system supports fax calls. There are several ways to configure your fax
A direct fax number for each site
Direct fax numbers for each user (using either individual fax machines or a fax
Redirect faxes that are sent to the site’s main number to a fax machine extension at
the site
Redirect faxes that are sent to a user’s extension to user’s local fax extension
Figure 12-1 shows how to plan your fax options.
How you configure your fax service with ShoreWare Director depends on which method of
fax call handling you have chosen. The following provides a basic outline of the steps
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