Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 12: Planning Applications and Services
Provide a “zero-out” option on every menu, routing the call to a live human being
(“0” is recommended).
Remember to provide an option to return to the previous menu (“*” is
Try to keep prompts short, quick, and efficient.
Users can record AA menu prompts from their own telephone, instead of having to go
through Director. This ability frees the system administrator from having to be involved
with the task of recording AA menus, allowing him or her to delegate the task to more
appropriate team members. For details on enabling this feature, please see the ShoreTel
Administration Guide.
12.7 Call Handling Delegation
Some users of the ShoreTel system, particularly senior management, often have an
administrative assistant who helps them manage items such as their email, calendar, and
voice communication. The ShoreTel system administrator can grant permission from
ShoreWare Director to individual users to change another’s current call handling mode
(CHM) settings. Users who have been delegated to change CHM settings can make changes
to the current CHM settings for other users using Operator ShoreTel Communicator. The
Web Access CHM client also includes this capability. For more information on configuring
call handling delegation, see the ShoreTel Administration Guide.
12.8 Communicator for Web
Communicator for Web is a browser-based interface that allows users to change their call
handling mode and options. Mobile users can change their call handling options from any
computer connected to the intranet or Internet. Communicator for Web can be a public
URL for remote access or restricted to the LAN.
To open ShoreTel Communicator for Web from within a ShoreTel system:
Step 1 Open your browser and type:
in the URL address text box, where <servername> is the name of your ShoreTel
Step 2 Press Enter. The Communicator for Web login page appears in your browser.
Step 3 Log in with you client ID and password.
For information on how to provide Internet access to ShoreTel’s Communicator for Web
client using Apache Server as a reverse proxy, see Appenix D.
12.9 Bridged Call Appearances
The Bridged Call Appearances (BCA) feature provides “bridged” information between
many separate IP phones, offering the benefit of faster call handling between users. The
feature is intended for key system environments, such as a small office with a moderate
number of trunks, IP phones and users.
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