Chapter 12: Planning Applications and Services Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 179
From any phone type to a SIP trunk device such as a Hitachi phone over the
SIP tie trunk and onto the SIP trunk device
12.14.2Overhead Paging
The ShoreTel system can provide single-zone overhead paging on a per site basis using the
audio output port associated with ShoreGear voice switches that provide an audio output
For sites that require overhead paging, you must designate one of the ShoreGear voice
switches to provide paging. In addition, you must provision your selected paging
equipment for connection to the ShoreTel system.
12.14.3Paging Groups
As an alternative to a paging system, you can designate groups of system extensions that
can be paged by dialing a single system extension. In this way, audio is routed to a group of
phones and played on the phone speaker as opposed to playing the audio announcement
on an overhead paging system.
With that said, you can also add a paging extension (associated with a site’s overhead
paging system) to a paging group in order to simultaneously play audio on a group of
phones AND an overhead paging system. Refer to the ShoreTel Administration Guide for
Pages to on-hook IP phones will automatically be announced on the IP phone speaker.
Pages to IP phones or analog phones that are already on a call will be treated as a normal
call. Call handling modes do not apply to page calls.
A maximum of 100 extensions can be paged at one time. Group paging is not available to
external callers.
Please refer to Product Bulletin ST0200 on the ShoreCare website for details on setting up
Paging Groups and for details on other network considerations.
12.14.4Night Bell
The ShoreTel system can provide an overhead night bell on a per site basis using the audio
output port associated with ShoreGear switches that provide an audio output port.
A user can initiate an intercom call through a programmable button on an IP phone that
has been programmed with the Intercom feature, via the ShoreTel Communicator, or via
the phone by entering “*15” + extension number. Users must be configured to use the
intercom feature through ShoreWare Director.
All intercom calls defeat the user's call coverage (Call Handling Mode settings) and cannot
be forwarded.
An intercom call to an idle IP phone is auto-answered and connected through the called
party's speakerphone. Immediately after the call is auto-answered, the called party hears an
announcement tone and the calling party hears a beep tone. If the called phone was taken
off-hook automatically, the switch puts the phone back on-hook when the intercom call
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