Planning and Installation GuideChapter 1: Getting Started
Phase 2: Environmental and Infrastructure Analysis and
Task Date Completed
Participate in the Phase 2 conference call
Read ShoreTel's power requirements
Order power upgrades (as necessary)
Scheduled power upgrade completion date
Read ShoreTel's racking requirements
Racking installation date (if racking is ordered)
Read ShoreTel's ventilation requirements
Ventilation system upgrade completion date (if ordered)
Read ShoreTel's recommendations for Uninterruptable Power Source (UPS)
UPS installation date (if ordered)
Read ShoreTel's cabling requirements
Cabling installation date (if ordered)
Determine your overhead paging needs
Source your Music on Hold needs
Read ShoreTel's LAN requirements
Attach LAN topology map
LAN installation date (if ordered)
Read ShoreTel's WAN requirements
Attach WAN topology map
WAN upgrade installation date (if ordered)
Read ShoreTel's server requirements
Order your server for the ShoreTel System
Server installation date
Read ShoreTel's desktop requirements
Desktop software upgrade installation date (if required or ordered)
ShoreGear scheduled installation date
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