ShoreTel 11.1 183
Desktop Requirements
This chapter describes the hardware and software requirements for installing the end-user
desktop client software.
13.1 Checklist
Review the following hardware and software requirements before proceeding to the next
The installation procedures are covered in Chapter 18, starting on page 239.
13.2 Recommendations
The following recommendations will assist you in planning and installing your desktop
computers for the ShoreTel Communicator applications.
Verify that each computer meets the minimum hardware and software
Install the Client for the Microsoft Networking component.
Close all applications before installing software.
Users running Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows Vista must have
local administrative privileges to install the software.
Microsoft Outlook must be configured in Corporate or Workgroup mode for
Outlook Integration to function properly. Internet Only mode is not supported.
Users should be informed of which ShoreTel Communicator application they will
be using.
During fresh install or upgrade to the ShoreTel client, VSTO pre-requisites need to
be installed first. The VSTO pre-requisites will be installed automatically during
the ShoreTel client installation.
Task Description
Recommendations page 183
Hardware Requirements page 184
Software Requirements page 184
Network Requirements page 189
Table 13-1 Desktop Requirements Checklist
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