Planning and Installation Guide Chapter 14: Site Requirements and Preparation
196 IP Phone Cabling
Each ShorePhone IP phone has an RJ-45 connector that provides an auto-sensing
10/100M Ethernet interface. This is connected to the local area network using standard
Category 5 cabling.
10 Base-T and 100 Base-T can typically support up to 100 meters. Analog Telephone and Trunk Cabling
ShoreGear voice switches that support analog protocols provide an RJ-21X male connector
for mass termination of the telephones and trunks. This should be connected using a
standard 25-pair cable. ShoreTel recommends using the RJ-21X and connecting to a patch
panel to provide simple moves, adds, and changes.
Telephones can be supported from 0 to 2,000 feet from the voice switch over standard
cabling. Use larger gauge wires for longer distances.
It is recommended that an analog telephone be provisioned in the equipment room for
troubleshooting purposes.
Pinouts of the ShoreGear switches are shown in the section Appendix G, starting on page
303. Digital Trunk and Trunk Monitor Cabling
ShoreGear voice switches that support digital trunks have an RJ-48C connector as the telco
interface to the T1/E1 trunk from the telephone service provider.
These voice switches provide an internal Channel Service Unit (CSU).
ShoreGear voice switches that support T1 and E1 trunks have an additional RJ-48C
connector that is wired to the telco interface for the purpose of troubleshooting the T1 or
E1 interface with specialized test equipment. This connector is normally not used. Audio Input (Music on Hold) Cabling
Various ShoreGear voice switches have a 3.5 mm mini-stereo input connector that provide
music or some other recording to callers when they are on hold. The input port supports
low-level line audio from a preamplifier or mini-CD player, at 47 k nominal impedance.
The audio input cable can be up to 10 feet long. Refer to Appendix G, starting on page 303,
to determine the voice switches that provide the 3.5 mm mini-stereo input connector.
The audio input port on the ShoreGear voice switches is a mono connection. If you
connect a stereo input, the stereo signal is converted to a mono signal.
To minimize bandwidth, music on hold is not streamed across the wide area network, so
you will need one music source per site.
The music and music source are not included with the ShoreTel system.
WARNING In accordance with United States copyright laws, a license may be required
from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, or a similar
organization, if radio or TV broadcasts are played for music on hold. As an alternative,
an ASCAP-approved CD or tape can be used. ShoreTel, Inc. disclaims any liability out
of failure to obtain such a license.
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