Chapter 15: Legacy Integration Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 209
ShoreTel Voice Mail Configuration - In this configuration, the ShoreTel system
provides voice mail services while the legacy system acts as a PBX for users.
The former of these two operational modes (External voice mail) is discussed below, while
the procedure for the latter configuration (ShoreTel voice mail) follows in Section 15.10.4
on page 214.
To integrate a legacy voice mail system with ShoreTel, you need to perform the following
basic tasks:
Configure the server’s COM port for SMDI connections to the legacy system.
Configure interface options from ShoreWare Director.
Create a user group for users with access to the integration extensions. Port Setup
To establish the SMDI link between the ShoreTel server and the legacy voice mail system,
connect one end of a DB-9 serial cable to the COM port on the ShoreTel server and the
other end of the cable to a COM port on the legacy voice mail server.
The COM port settings on the ShoreTel server must match the settings of the COM port on
the legacy voice mail server. Obtain the legacy voice mail COM port settings from the
legacy voice mail server’s administration guide or from your system integration manager.
You need the following information:
Baud rate
Data bits
Stop bits
Flow control
To configure COM port communication:
Step 1 From the Start menu on the Windows server connected to the legacy voice
mail server, select Settings, and then Control Panel.
Step 2 In the Control Panel, open the Computer Management folder.
Step 3 Open the Device Manager.
Step 4 From the right pane in the window, expand the item Ports (COM & LTP).
Step 5 Right-click the COM port used to connect the ShoreTel server and legacy voice
mail system, and select Properties from the menu.
Ask your server administrator if you need help in determining the correct COM
Step 6 In the Properties window, enter the settings for the legacy voice mail server
COM port.
Step 7 Click OK to save the settings.
Step 8 In ShoreWare Director, open the Server edit page.
Step 9 Enter the COM port the server will use for SMDI communications in the COM
Port (1-10) text box.
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