Chapter 15: Legacy Integration Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 221
When using SMDI, ShoreTel voice mail configuration, the following features will not be
Extension Assignment
Setting call handling mode
Setting agent state
The following features will be supported:
Recording greeting and name
Setting TUI password
Enable/disable envelope information
Email voice message options
Find Me
Message functions including call back
Message sending functions
ShoreTel voice mail
Agents cannot be extensions in the legacy PBX
System configuration
Configuration parameters
15.11 System Requirements
The following are required on the ShoreTel system, or on the legacy PBX to enable the
integration of the two systems:
ShoreTel system
ShoreGear Voice Switch that supports a T1 circuit.
Legacy PBX
T1 or PRI card for the PBX
Available card slot and capacity for the added trunks
Required software or licenses to support the desired trunk interface
If PRI is used in the integration interface, the legacy PBX must emulate the CO or support
Network Side PRI.
15.12 Connection Cable
15.12.1Special Considerations - Nortel PBX
When integrating with a Nortel Meridian PBX, a T1 connection must be used since the
legacy system does not support Network Side PRI.
15.12.2Special Considerations - Avaya/Lucent PBX
Universal Dial Plan (UDP) Must be Active - This capability enables transparent dialing
between the Avaya/Lucent PBX and the ShoreTel system. If this is not active, users on the
PBX will either have to dial a trunk access code to reach the users on the ShoreTel system,
or configure forwarding from an extension in the legacy system to the ShoreTel extension
using the trunk access code and the extension.
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