Chapter 16: IP Phone Installation Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 227
User Group for Unassigned IP Phones
IP Phone Announcement
IP Phone Password
Enable IP Phone Failover
Delay After Collecting Digits
Step 3 Select an available switch from the pull-down lists for configuration switches 1
and 2.
For information on the other IP phone options, see the ShoreTel Administration Guide.
16.3.4 Setting IP Address Ranges
If your system consists of more than one site, you must define an IP address range for IP
phones at each site in the system. Setting ranges for each site ensures that new phones
added to the system will be associated with the correct voice switch at the telephone’s site.
You can view the IP address range for each site from the IP Address Map list page, shown
in Figure 16-2. The page lists the sites and associated IP address ranges.
Figure 16-1 IP Phones Options Edit Page
Figure 16-2 IP Address Map List and IP Address Range Edit Pages
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